Choose a game from the list below. Nothing to borrow, nothing to return, nothing to clean up, and best of all - no germy game pieces to share! 

All games are on both Apple and Google and most are FREE or just a coupla bucks! 

The Rabbit Hole Chicago takes no responsibility for the function, interactions, or costs of these games or any content they may provide. This is simply a curated list of game apps we think you might enjoy while you hang with us. 

  1. Uno - Apple   - Google

  2. Yahtzee - Apple   - Google

  3. Farkle - Apple   - Google

  4. Connect Four - Apple   - Google

  5. Battleship - Apple   - Google (this one costs a little)

  6. Chess - Apple   - Google

  7. Checkers - Apple   - Google

  8. Draw with Friends - Apple   - Google

  9. Words with Friends - Apple   - Google

  10. Milles Bourne - Apple   - Google